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    Please post bugs / feature requests here.

    Last Update: 11/07/2016 (d-m-y)

    Known issues:
    - 0,0 in space has some holographic signs from planets that weren't updated.
    - Going from Pve world to space drops you at Y 260+ instead of just above the planet.

    - Schematic placement based on either planet and/or space structures.
    - Residence setter for locking/unlocking raidable assets (i.e. first come, first serve)
    - Turrets that will fire upon players if they venture to close to said raidable structures.
    - GUI, planet log (visits, etc.), player notes mayb?

    Revamp of world generation:
    - 7 galaxies, containing 5-7 planets including 1 star (of larger magnitude)
    - Each planet will have a designated biome, closer to star = hot, further away = cold, one goldy locks planet that will be earth like.
    - Automatic res on planet itself, no more mining the planets.
    - Star will be quite deadly with higher radial dmg and gradual increase in damage (and will set players on fire).
    - Y level will max out at 200ish. No more plateau worlds.
    - Orbital movement per day per planet around it's parent star.
    - Database driven
    - All hostility effects listed on Dynmap (Air, Heat, etc.)
    - Planet enviroment might change depending on position around star (and be influenced by other planets around it).
    - Planetnames will be based on G{1-7}-{Planetname} - no more unique identifiers required.
    - Planetnames will not be reused, so no double names in the galaxies.

    World generator populators:
    - Automatic generation of cargo freighters in space that haul cargo (obv.)
    - Defense platforms that will shoot players on sight. (CrackShot)
    - Custom models (FurnitureLib, DisguiseLib, LibDisguises, MythicMobs)
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    Just putting some random stuff for now lol
    I think it best that no one builds on any of the planets yet, (unless ok with losing them), or space if can help it. Not till everyone happy with all aspects of space and plugin matured.

    Amount of planets ok, could do with being spread out across a larger space area, making for further travel between planets and more space to explore and build in.
    (is 1k radius atm, change to 2k radius minimum, so 4 times current size at least?)

    Will add World Edit for schematic saving (for builds in space to be carried over when/if regenerated)

    Schematic random generation (for space wrecks etc and planet builds to raid)

    Make turrets which hook into crackshotplus lasers, use on space debris/abandoned ships/wrecks to auto shoot anything that comes close.)

    Planet claiming, not sure on this, probably best to have server owned and protected spawns on planets, world borders (can be done manual). although planet naming would be nice for players :D

    Planet GUI, to use like a star log, showing all planets, which planets you have visited, and when, and which yet to explore, have home/res yes/no.( hook to have homes/res in with gui for more direct press to tp?)

    Space ships selection, faster travel, fighting etc.

    Some wacky ideas
    Make space world a lot larger, like 5k+ radius, planet gen altered to replicate a sun with planets, hot planets near to sun, colder far out, make custom armour for hot/cold climates (add player temp, and extra custom item for temp balancer within x radius, to be used in enclosed buildings on planet, also an air producer if planet has no air) have a few different solar systems instead of worlds everywhere, with expanse of space in between. (no sun can be within x of another, planets placed from close to far away from sun.) small moons around some planets. (planet with rings around?) Have meteor/floating rock belts. Worm holes?
    Texture pack changes per universe for different looking/race mobs (maybe blocks too ?)

    think that's enough from me to talk over for now ;)
    (plenty more nuts where that came from :p )

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