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  1. Terrakiel

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    Server Rules
    • No Griefing
    • No Stealing
    • No Raiding
    • Try to keep language to 'family friendly'
    • ONLY English in main chat
    • No asking for Rank
    • No asking for OP/Admin
    • No asking for items/spawns
    • No Xray
    • No AFK at mob farms/spawners
    • 16 or less animals per chunk
    • No Bullying
    • No discriminatory/racist/fascist/homophobic/pornographic content
    • No Religion/Politics in chat
    • No spam in chat
    • No asking for a TP to specific co-ords (you have legs, use them!)

    Market Town Rules
    • No buildings taller than the Admin shop
    • Shops MUST sell at least 1 item

    Forum Rules
    • No Swearing
    • No Bullying
    • No discriminatory/racist/fascist/homophobic content

    (Subject to change, check back regularly)
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  2. SeamanMCUK

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    • Eat Veg
    • Ride Bikes
    • Be nice
    • Hail Satan

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