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Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Terrakiel, May 19, 2016.

  1. Terrakiel

    Terrakiel Administrative Staff Member Admin Moderator Veteran Member

    Just thought I'd make a thread for everyone to say hi!
  2. SeamanMCUK

    SeamanMCUK Administrative Staff Member Admin Moderator Veteran Member

    hello, i am seaman.

    i have played minecraft for 12 years now. and amazingly, never once died.

    see you on the battlefield, schmucks.
  3. Devion

    Devion Veteran Veteran Member Guest

    Hi, I'm Dev.. Dutch, 35yrs old, gamer, coder and uhm.. sometimes social lifer..
    Had minecraft since it went free for a weekend.. and I like ponies... :p
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  4. ChelseaRorec

    ChelseaRorec Veteran Veteran Member

    Chels 36
    had minecraft from day one.
    From Be The Goat/Rush Tea MC untill Devion murdered it.
    I also like ponies and i had 3 of them IRL (welsh cobbs)
    I like long walks along the beach and slaughtering the inocent.
    My favourite colour is mauve.
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