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    Space.. the final frontier

    Today we'll have the space plugin actrivated which will work in tandem with the jetpack plugin; To go in space you'll need the jetpack, a good amount of fuel to get to Y 260+ and an aircanister built.

    The air canister can be built as follows:


    Jetpack recipe as follows:


    Q: So how do I get there?
    A: Use the jetpack to fly to Y 300+, it will start warning around Y 280 that you nearing space..

    Q: So what can you do in space?
    A: You can travel to other planets! Just land on the top side of a planet.. it will commence teleportation/landing in ~5 seconds ish. Might be slightly longer when the world does not exist yet. Just stand still on the planet till you are spawned on the planet.

    Q: I ran out of fuel on a planet, what now?
    A: /home works, or /spawn. Or go find coal and redstone and build more fuel.

    Q: The planet I landed on is mostly lava!
    A: Those happen, there are 11 different planet settings, a few of them include watery or lava planets. No tidal tsunami's like interstellar yet though ;)

    Q: I tried flying to Y 300 but I didn't get teleported.
    A: Most likely missing the air canister. Otherwise contact an admin

    Q: Will be there be a map of space?
    A: Most likely, but not my call :)

    Q: What kind of objects are there in space?
    A: Currently stars, planets and meteorites. The meteorites can be mined. Stars are deadly and planets.. well.. you land on them.

    Bring loads (10+) fuel on explorations. You don't want to get stuck on different planets and/or run out of fuel when trying to get to Y 300...

    Feel free to ask more questions :)

    Some pictures of planets;


    Unhealthy planets:
    Get near stars and they'll damage you badly (orbit is a heart every second, landing on it... more than half your health in one go)

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