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  1. Terrakiel

    Terrakiel Administrative Staff Member Admin Moderator Veteran Member

    So we're running a modded server, but the pack isn't that great...

    So we need

    Please comment below your favorite mods, or ones you'd really like to see in a modpack.

    I will then try my best to find a modpack with as many of these mods as I can!
  2. SeamanMCUK

    SeamanMCUK Administrative Staff Member Admin Moderator Veteran Member

    tinkers construct

    thermal with extra utilities

    pixlemon ;)

    better/harder mobs.

    something that adds colour
  3. ChelseaRorec

    ChelseaRorec Member Member

    Industrial craft 2
    Thermal expansion
    Minefactory reloaded
    Big reactors

    Basicly anything that offers different ways to create power instead of pumping the nether dry for lava.
    Hell i once ran a base on nothing but CAKE once.
  4. ChelseaRorec

    ChelseaRorec Member Member

    Applied Energistics 2
    Better barrels
    Better chests
    waila ovbiously
    Twilight forest
    and a jetpack mod.

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